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Lesley Andrew – Girl Guides trip to Denmark 2007

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Dearย Hilary
I am writing to you on behalf of Girl guiding Leeds for the grant of ยฃ100 towards the overall group cost of our trip to Denmark.
I was fortunate enough to be one of three leaders who took 10 girls away to the Jamboree camp which celebrated the centenary of scouting. Our trip started with a bus journey to Harwich where we boarded the over night ferry to Esberg in Denmark. We traveled by train and eventually arrived at the campsite where we awaited a warm welcome. To our surprise the start of camp was not as we expected with a large scale “role play” which meant that we were totally confused and did not sleep in our own tents for the first night because we were under rule of the “evil maron”.

Once the unusual role play had finished the camp began properly. We all had a fantastic time because the people were so friendly especially our host group who allowed us all to be involved with everything. Chopping wood, pioneering chairs and cooking were just some of the campsite tasks we needed to do. There were opportunities to meet so many people from around the world including people from Japan, Switzerland and Zambia. We all celebrated the scouting centenary at a sunrise ceremony where Princess Benedict visited. The next day we had a trip to Viborg to see the old town and for some of us to go swimming. Every night there were planned activities, whether this was a camp fire or singing/performing in our sub camps there was always something to do. Our group had volunteered to sing at the twilight hour every night which was quite amusing since we are nothing like a professional choir. What we were more confident with was “llkley Moor Bah tat”. We performed this with actions and props like cardboard worms and ducks so that people could understand. After singing this a few times some of our new Danish friends were singing this-even in a Yorkshire accent-priceless.
After camp we had home hospitality, staying with the people that we had camped
with all week. It was nice to see the sights including a tour of the village of
Nakskov where they lived. We went on a boat trip around the islands on the
coast. The views were amazing. On the last day our hosts had organized a party
for us where we has a big feast of traditional Danish food. All the families were
there and were very happy to hear our singing again.
It was a very tearful goodbye in the end and a long journey home.
We all have so many good memories and friendships from the camp and we are
so grateful that we had the opportunity to go.
Yours in Guiding
Lesley Andrew