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Central Yorkshire Scouts Kenya Expedition 2008

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Firstly we would like to express our thanks to youย  for the kind and charitable donation you made towardsย  our fund raising effort to enable us to take part in the Central Yorkshire Scouts Kenya Expedition 2008. With your generous support, we managed to raise all the money we required, so again a big thank you for that!

07astonandwilkinsonWe arrived at Nairobi airport full of anticipation and enthusiasm.
We really didn’t know what to expect as most of the group of 60 hadn’t been to Africa before. We stayed in a school in Nairobi for 2 days before we embarked on our part of the Expedition, with our main aim of building aย  classroom for a school in Northern Kenya, in a town called Rumeruti. We spent 18 thrilling days experiencing some of the wild life on the farm site we camped at, which was roughly the size of North Wales. It wasn’t all fun and games as we did some hard grafting work which started at 8.00am till 4.00pm ( with a break at mid day ). We were motivated by theย  happy smiling faces of the young school children who are eternally grateful for our work effort towards their school, and this drove us on to work asย  hard as possible.

The people really do touch you when you are there, and having lived in virtually the same conditions as them, it made us both realise how lucky we really are to live in a country as well developed as ours.

The classroom is well on its way for completion and should be ready for use for the next school term.

The Expedition was a once in a life time opportunity that we both managed to experience, and with the help of your donations, we experienced the real Africaย  ourselves, and also gave something back to people who are less fortunate than us.

So thanks again for your support and hope your all well!

Andrew Aston and Chris Wilkinson.