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2022 Ethan Clarke, Biathlon, British Championships, Germany

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Thank you so much for the very generous Jack Bloor award towards my costs to attend the British Championships in Germany, I really appreciate it. Thatโ€™s such a nice surprise to come home to.ย 
I am a member of the British Biathlon Development Squad, with ambitions of being part of the Junior Squad so l can train and work towards a place in the team for the Olympics 2030.ย I train at the Brownlee Centre in Leeds with my coach Martin Roscoe.

The British Championships were unfortunately cancelled due to covid, (the website isย However we did compete in a local race instead. I got a podium finish in 3rd place in my first race. It was a 8.8km race consisting of 8 times round a 1.1km lap. Thankfully I got my breath back on the downhill parts. We also did a time trial race the day after where I finished in 2nd place which I was really pleased with.ย 

The event took place in a small town in southern Germany called Ruhpolding. I trained on the World Cup biathlon track, which is called the Chiemgau Arena. It was great to see some biathletes who are heading out to the 2022 Olympics.ย 

I have attached a picture of me on the podium and a few other photos which may be of interest.ย 
Ethan Clarke