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2021 Athletics, Jack Cummings, Personal Training Diploma

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 The road to a Personal Trainer

A small bit about myself and my background

My name is Jack Cummings and I am a newly qualified Personal Trainer with the ambition to shortly be a specialized coach in all variants of running as well as cycling. I have been a runner with Ilkley Harriers for as long as I can remember. First starting out at the age of 8 or 9 (now 23) when my dad encouraged me to take part in the junior Ilkley moor fell race. (Nothing like a baptism of fire for your first race) As I waited on the start line glancing up at the various other individuals stood on either side of me the adrenaline was well and truly pumping. The whistle went and the race was on and too my amazement I absolutely loved it. After I crossed the finish line I couldn’t wipe the tired yet prominent smile off my face, from that moment on I was known in the running world as a Fell runner. As I progressed through primary and into secondary school I began to enter more and more races which included all varieties of running that being Trail, road, fell and cross country. Once I entered the later stages of school and into college where I studied to become an Outdoor Pursuits instructor my priorities had to change and so running was sadly put onto the back burner for the time being. It was only once I had secured my first job as an outdoor education tutor at The Nell Bank Outdoor Education centre in 2017 that my love and passion for running as well as cycling was reignited. From that moment on I made a return to the racing field and entered numerous races in and around my local area achieving podium positions in many of the races in the Yorkshire County. I have also had the honour to compete in the yearly Jack Bloor memorial races winning the U23 title 3 years in a row.

What encouraged you to start a career in Personal Training?

In all honesty up until the year of 2020 which no one could ever forget I had never considered pursuing a career in personal Training. However due to the COVID 19 pandemic the Outdoor Education industry in the UK was severely impacted and is still under increasing threat as I am typing this in January 2021. Myself along with around 30 other staff members how now been furloughed for nearly a whole year without a definitive reopening date due to the ongoing pandemic. With this unknown uncertainty playing within the back of my mind as the months of 2020 rolled by I had to make a decision should I lose my current outdoor job as to what I could do next which I would also enjoy just as much. It was in this moment that two of my family members who I had been teaching how to run throughout the lockdown weeks suggested I try and pursue a career in Personal Training. With nothing much to lose and a whole lot to gain I was successful in securing a place on a 2 ½ month level 2 and 3 Personal Training diploma qualification which I completed in late December. I absolutely loved the whole course and all of the content that it covered as I discovered I had many of the skill sets required to successfully work within this industry. In addition to this having the opportunity to train, motivate and encourage individuals that I work with to reach their own personal goals and aspirations is something which I feel very passionate and lucky to have the ability to do.