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2019 Jack Bloor Races – FIRE UPDATE

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The trustees of the Jack Bloor Memorial Fund look forward to welcoming you all, juniors and seniors, to theย 34th Jack Bloor Races on 14th May 2019, a Tuesday evening.

You may be wondering whether the race route has been affected by the devastating moorland fire that raged on Ilkley Moor on Easter Sunday.

The fire has had a major impact on the areaย betweenย White Wells, The Lower Tarn, Blackstone Beck and Rocky Valley. However, the route of the JBRaces have been spared ย – just. The burnt area extends right up to the main track where the rough steps meet the west end of Rocky Valley.

Junior courses are entirely unaffected.

The vast majority of senior runners descend the steps, then follow theย main track towards White Wells before dropping to the upper tarn and Checkpoint 6 (small summit). This route is entirely unaffected.

The small number of runners who depart the steps earlier and descend steeply over rough ground towards this last checkpoint would cross some burnt area.ย We request that this option be avoided in 2019 to minimise erosion of the fragile terrain. Thank you.

Rob King

Race Organiser