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2016 Orienteering, Adam Thorpe, Junior Training Camp

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Lagganlia 2016

My time at Lagganlia was great. I learned more about what I needed to improve, such as relocating. The tips I was given were great and I later tried them out when I got lost on a training course. This would help me in a major event because I could relocate quickly so I wonโ€™t be thrashing around for a long time. The other thing Lagganlia helped me with was pacing. Before I didnโ€™t know how to pace and I needed to know fast, so when we were in coaching groups I asked how to do it and my coach showed me how to pace. To my amazement it worked really well. (There was also a big talk about pacing too, so that helped me also). Over the week all of the junior athletes were treated really well and the food was great. The coaches were really helpful especially the junior coaches! Through the week we had a range of training exercises to do such as: sprints, relays, long courses, middle distance, some fun relays and the classic race at the end.

One of the courses that we all did was very interesting, it involved all of the athletes holding a map that was a very small size, the equivalent to a coaster. We had to run a course that was printed on those maps! It was 1.5km long, it was very enjoyable and different. On a different day, there was another training course which I hadnโ€™t seen before. All the athletes had to draw their own version of a course which was printed out on a normal OS map. We couldnโ€™t trace them so we just had to copy them from sight onto a blank piece of paper, these were called sketch maps, it worked well too because everyoneโ€™s map got them around the course quite easily with not many mess ups. Everything was organised in a professional way and they helped me improve my orienteering overall. The great thing is I got to see my friends too.