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2016 Warm Weather Track Training – Caroline Lambert

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Warm weather training Alfamar

Although running is one of my favourite things to do and has been my main past time since primary school I have always tried to opt out of the track season. The fells and mountains in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes can be described as no less than beautiful and although a good 400m session is satisfying it does not equate to the view from the top of Ingleborough or Skiddaw. This said since studying at Loughborough University where there has been a track on my doorstep as opposed to 30miles away the opportunity to try and turn my legs over a bit faster has been great.

My coach , Bill Foster, takes a group of the Loughborough women’s team out to Alfamar sport and beach resort, Portugal, in April most years for warm weather training to prepare for the up and coming track season. The resort has great facilities including a well maintained track with the gym alongside it and lots of trails for the easy runs in between the lactic filled sessions.

With the help of the Jack Bloor fund I was able to head out this year for 10days to experience training in the heat with a group of like-minded women. Our first track session was a lung busting 6x400m with a minute recovery followed by a 6minute break before rounding off with 6x200m efforts with a 90sec recovery. You certainly noticed the heat whilst gasping for breath between efforts. The session went well bar blowing up on the last 400m which is never an enjoyable experience however the 200m efforts, although much shorter than any distance I ever choose to race, gave me an opportunity to bring my session back round and realise I can move a bit faster than I thought.

The trip also reminded me very clearly how important strength and conditioning sessions are and how much we use these deep muscles for general stability. Due to various factors I have been a bit lapsed on attending circuit sessions these past few months. This became evident across the trip as we carried out press-ups, planks etc in the sun. Next day putting my socks on was a struggle and I was reminded how much of a difference these core muscles make. The trip has put me in a more confident place going into the track season. I’m ready to see how fast I can make my legs go. Without the Jack Bloor funds assistance to come out and join the track runners in Alfamar I would still be very apprehensive for my next few races, now I can ease into the track season with some quality training behind me.

Thank you to the Jack Bloor fund for helping me to experience the warm weather training and get my head set for the tartan laps coming my way.

Pre session cool down in Alfamar.

Pre session cool down in Alfamar.