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2015 Fell Running, Matt Harmon, Dragons Back Race

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Conquering the Dragonย 

Approximately 8pm, Friday 26thย June 2015, I entered Carreg Cennen castle and conquered the dragon. For those not in the know, the Dragons Back race is a 300km race, over 5 days, with 16000m of ascent along the spine of Wales. I was one of the lucky ones- out of 300 entries, 140 were deemed to have suitable experience for the race, and 128 made the start line- of those only 65 finished the whole 5 days. It was without a doubt the toughest thing I have ever been a part of and I am proud to have had the opportunity to participate in the event and even prouder that I just about managed to hold it all together enough to make the finish. Throughout the whole event the marshals were so friendly and helpful despite them getting less sleep than the competitors! As you can pick your start time between 6am and 9am, the slower runners tend to set off first which means the field is quite bunched up through each day. This helps as there is always someone to run with and talk to.

A massive thank you to the Jack Bloor Fund for providing ยฃ100 towards the race entry fee which enabled me to turn a dream into reality. I have written a full account of my race on my blog at: