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Charlotte Knight and Rachel Pinn – Sangam 2006 – Girl Guides

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Jack Bloor Fund,

Thank you for the grant you awarded me as part of the cost of my trip to Sangam 2006. The trip was a great experience and I am grateful that I got the opportunity to take part.
On 28th July 2006, 28 participants of Girlguiding UK set off for a month in India. The first night of the trip was spent in a Heathrow hotel as we missed our connecting flight, and once we finally reached India we found that our luggage had arrived before us and been set back to the UK as there was no paperwork! Not being disheartened by these complications, and after a shopping trip for essentials, we set off for Leh in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas. The scenery was amazing and much more overwhelming than I had imagined. We spent the first day White water rafting down the Indus River. This was a fantastic experience, it got the adrenaline pumping and the mountains were breathtaking. The next day we began our trek. We were all woken up early by the kitchen men delivering tea to our tent door! We were amazed at how quickly they got the camp down and all packed up and ready to move, in between preparing a cooked breakfast for 30 people! We began walking at around 7.30am and quickly split into natural groups depending on ability. We walked from Likir to Yangtang which was a full day walking, not arriving at the camp until around 4pm. We were all tired and hot and very appreciative of the wonderful dinner the kitchen men had made for us. An early night was had by all to be ready for another day trekking and another early morning. We were up and away by 8am for a slightly shorter trek from Yangtang to Alchi. On both days we trekked through remote villages and saw how the local community use their resources. Our tour guides were from the local area and were very informative and keep us up to date on the flowers and wildlife we were passing and the names and stories about different mountains. The next day we visited Alchi monastery in the morning and then made our way back to Leh in the bus. We all made the most of our last day in the Himalayas and shopped for souvenirs and enjoyed the scenery and the happy and peaceful atmosphere the locals created.
The next day we flew out of Ladakh and back to Delhi (where our suitcases were awaiting us!) and continued on to Pune to stay at the Guiding World Centre, Sangam, and undertake some community work for the remainder of our trip.
Thank you again for the contribution you made to the cost of this trip and allowing me to have this fantastic experience I will remember forever.

Charlotte Knight

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