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Amy Louise McGivern – British and Irish fell championships in Ireland, October 2005

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My Trip to Ireland 

I am writing this letter to send my thanks for giving me the opportunity to  go to Ireland and compete in the home international it was a fantastic  experience.  The journey was a very long one but I still enjoyed it. We travelled to Wales  from Penrith which took quite a while; once we got there we went on a ferry  that took us to Dublin. Whilst on the ferry I felt a bit sick but we had fun  playing on the dance stage so it took my mind off it.

After arriving in Dublin we got on the coach once again for a shorter  journey to our accommodation which wasn’t as nice as we had hoped but we  all coped.  The next morning after a decent nights sleep we made our way to the  course which looked quite nice as it wasn’t too steep (perfect for me!)

I  started to get a little nervous after I had seen all the girls I would have to run  against.  By the time it came to running I felt very excited and couldn’t wait to start,  once we had set off I began feeling confident about how I could do. After a  tough ascent I was more than ready to try and catch up on the lead that  Rosie Stuart in 1st place had gained. Slowly I caught up but as I was getting  within metres of her she kicked again and I found that there was just too  much for me to try to do in the final stages.  Once I had finished- even though I was quite sick,- I was so happy with  my result, although I would have liked to win (as most people would) I was  very proud that I had managed 2nd as I had set myself the aim of top 5.

The journey back was just as enjoyable as the rest of the trip, the whole  experience had been very beneficial but most of all extremely FUN!  Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity I think what you have  done for me and many other people is fantastic.

Thanks again


Amy McGivern.