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2023 Betty Bergstrand, World Youth Sky Running, Fell Running

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Youth World Skyrunning 2023 Race Report- Betty Bergstrand

This year’s Youth World Skyrunning Championship was located in a small village, Fonte Cerreto, just north of Lโ€™aquila, Italy. It is an event spread over a weekend, with a vertical kilometre race (VK) on the Friday and the skyrace on the Sunday. The VK was a tough course, however, finished with masses of supporters and an incredible view.

The VK was made even better as I placed 5th in my age group, 4 places better than the previous year. The skyrace, which was 14 miles with over 6000ft of elevation gain, like the VK, was extremely tough. The race began up the VK and made its way along the ridges overlooking Lโ€™aquila and the surrounding areas. In this race I placed 4th, an improvement on this year’s VK and an improvement of 2 places compared to the previous year.

Overall, these championships have been amazing in terms of creating amazing memories and being an amazing experience. The Jack Bloor fund was vital for funding parts of the trip, without it, travelling out would have been much more difficult and may have impacted my ability to compete.