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2023 Emily Gibbins, Swedish Training Camp, Orienteering

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With support from the Jack Bloor Memorial Fund I was able to enjoy a fantastic week long orienteering training camp in Gothenburg, Sweden. We trained twice every day exploring numerous Swedish forests. The Swedish terrain is known for its difficulty and complexity and thus makes for an excellent place to develop your navigation. In addition to training we took part in three competitions – a sprint, a middle distance and a relay. I particularly enjoyed the sprint which was around a suburb of Gothenburg. I set off two minutes before the notorious Lina Strunn (a very good Swedish elite) who was preparing for the European sprint cup in a few weeks time. Very pleased to say that she didnโ€™t catch me up! It wasnโ€™t all orienteering – we did get chance to eat some Swedish meatballs and many cinnamon rolls !
Again, thanks to the fund that made this trip possible. I am very grateful for their support.ย 
I am bottom left in this photo (it shows all of the juniors that went)
And a snapshot of a very lovely Swedish forest