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2023 Katie Buckley, Regional Squad Training, Orienteering

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Deeside is one of the summer orienteering training camps run by JROS (Junior Regional Orienteering Squads) every year. Once we had all managed to arrive despite train cancellations and strikes, it was a fantastic week where I learnt so much, as well as seeing lots of orienteers from around the country. We camped at Templars park scout camp near Aberdeen.Β 
Throughout the week we visited lots of areas throughout the Deeside area where we practiced our orienteering techniques, and focused on making a plan, having a picture of the control circle and making accurate bearings. We also had a go at night-o, micrO and a sprint around the campsite. On the last day we had a tour champs around Glen Dye, where I was pleased to finish 2nd out of the girls.Β 
Every day we swam in stunning (and cold) rivers, and visited the lido in Stonehaven and had a barbeque on the rest day.Β 
Many thanks to all the coaches and volunteers who helped to make this happen, and to the Jack Bloor Fund for helping with the cost.
Katie Buckley