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2022 Ben Houlihan, Road Cycling, Racing with Team Eiser-Hirumet

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With support from the Jack Bloor fund, I have been able to race my 1st year as an U23 cyclist in Spain. My team, based in Durango (Basque Country), makes an ideal location for training. The region is also home to some of the top level elite/u23 racing in Spain. The main races being the Basque Euskaldun, Basque Lehendakari and the Copa EspaΓ±a series.

Racing out in Spain this year has been amazing for my development as a rider. The U23 ranks are important in building experience. If successful this can potentially follow by jumping to the professional ranks.

My team Eiser-Hirumet have been highly supportive in the transition. The jump from Junior to U23 racing has been hard. The main jump being distance of races. From racing for 2.5 hours in the UK, to racing for 4 hours in 40 degree heat.

My first block of racing was tough to start with. Making small goals within each race made it easier to get to grips with. By the time the spring/summer races came round, I was comfortable in the peloton. I was happy to see some strong results coming off the back of my final block.

Overall the entire experience of 2022 has been incredible, on/off the bike. Experiencing both a new culture and type of racing.

Thank you again to the Jack Bloor fund for supporting my development as a rider. With more experience under my belt, I am already buzzing for next year’s racing.

Thank you,

Ben Houlihan

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