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2022, Fay, Paul and Andrew, Orienteering, Outdoor First Aid Course

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Andrew Stemp, Fay Walsh, Paul PruΕΎina – 2-day outdoor first aid training course.

A while ago the Airienteers suggested that we do an outdoor first aid course so that we could help out at their orienteering events and the Jack Bloor Fund kindly agreed to cover part of the costs. We thought this was a great idea as first aid knowledge is very important for outdoor events and we have all needed first aid help in the past! The club organised a two-day course run by Chris Leleux at Blackhills Scout camp near Bingley where we were joined by 10 other orienteers from around the area. The course was a mixture of theory, practical sessions and some outdoor practice where the heavy rain meant we got to experience bad weather conditions.

On the first day we arrived we started off with introductions before covering the basics of first aid. The course was tailored to outdoor situations with a focus on the kind of injuries most likely to come across. Normally we would have gone outside but the constant rain meant we stayed inside practicing on dummies with plenty of tea breaks to keep us going. After a long first day of training, we headed into Bradford to replenish our energies with the biggest naans in Yorkshire!

The second day was more specific to orienteering and we spent time consolidating what we had learnt yesterday. After lunch we went outside to put our skills into practice in more realistic scenarios. We split up into pairs and took turns pretending to be a casualty and a rescuer administering first aid. The cold February weather helped us practice in less than ideal conditions and drove home how important it is to carry sufficient kit and help casualties quickly. At the end of the course, we all qualified with Level 3 awards in outdoor first aid.

A couple of months later we had our first call up as first aiders at the Buck Wood regional event organised by the Airienteers. Fortunately, we had no major incidents except for a couple of people with cuts and scratches so our skills are as yet untested and hopefully will remain so!

Thank you very much to the Jack Bloor Fund for helping with the cost of our outdoor first aid training.