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Arthur Dolphin Trophy

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Arthur Rhodes Dolphin was born in 1925 and grew up in Baildon, at the eastern end of Ilkley Moor. Arthur started climbing and exploring the hills in his early teens and eventually became the foremost rock climber of his generation.

Arthur met Jack Bloor through their membership of Harehills Harriers and because of their many mutual interests became great friends. This friendship came to an end with Arthurโ€™s tragic death in a climbing accident in 1953.

It is perhaps fitting that their names are reunited with the addition of the Arthur Dolphin Trophy to the Jack Bloor Race.

In 2009 Gritstone Club member Tom Greenwood published โ€˜Memories of Dolphinโ€™. The book is the collected memories of those who knew Arthur together with photographs, sketches and an appendix, which includes material about his life and activities. Also included with the book is a free DVD with rare film footage of Arthur climbing at Almcliff and on Gimmer Crag in the Lake District. The Jack Bloor Fund will be supported from sales of the book.


Copies of โ€˜Memories of Dolphinโ€™ will be on sale at the race but can be purchased by mail order. An order form can be downloaded by visiting