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Jack Bloor Trophies

Annual trophies

1st Man and Woman – Jack Bloor TROPHIES

In memory of Jack Bloor 1926-1984
Athlete, Climber, Orienteer, Scout Mountain Adviser
Who died as he lived, in pursuit of life.
Awarded by staff and students at Leeds Polytechnic and his many friends
For the best Men's and Women's performance in the senior race

The image is based on the Swastika stone a rock carving found on Ilkley Moor and is checkpoint two in the senior race.
Swastika - an ancient symbol of PEACE

1st Man U23 – Arthur Dolphin Trophy - more info

In memory of Arthur Dolphin
1925 - 1953
Presented by the Gritstone Club 2010

1st Woman U23 - Pat Bloor Trophy - more info

Pat Bloor Trophy
In memory of Pat Bloor 1930-2011
U23 Woman
Presented by her children
Hilary, Vivien, Robert and Roger

1st Woman O40 – Mike Rose Trophy - more info

In memory of Mike Rose
Wild Roses Vase
Presented to the best O40 woman

Small trophies

  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd Men and Women
  • 1st Man and 1st Woman U23
  • 1st Man and 1st Woman O40
  • 1st Man and 1st Woman O50


 1st / 2nd / 3rd Men's and Women's teams of 3


Some of the small trophies from over the years


The Small Trophies have been presented at the Jack Bloor Races since 1985. David Walker made these excellent and unique trophies until 2006 when James Fonquernie agreed to continue with the same theme. Each year a different Ilkley Moor rock carving is used for the basis of the design. The design for the annual Jack Bloor trophies was inspired by the Swastika Stone (Checkpoint 2), the most famous rock carving on Ilkley Moor.

James Fonquernie has been making the Jack Bloor small trophies for over 10 years since 2006 and he is now 82 years old (2017). 
James knew Pat Bloor, he lived in the same street and they were members of the same gardening club so when David Walker stepped down from making the small trophies, James volunteered. 
James has always liked making things, he owned an engineering company for 18 years and he still finds pleasure in making and mending things. His garden is like a sculpture park it's full of stuff from flower arrangements to things he's collected and placed there, he has made 5 arbours and won many prizes for them. 
Thanks to James we still have small trophies.
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